Doula Scholarship and Grants

Doula scholarships and grants are financial resources that aim to support individuals interested in becoming doulas or furthering their doula training.

Here are some Doula Scholarships and Grants


Birth Doula Scholarships

Various organizations and institutions offer scholarships specifically for aspiring birth doulas. These scholarships can cover some or all of the costs associated with doula training programs, such as certification fees or workshop expenses. Some examples of organizations that have offered birth doula scholarships in the past include DONA International, Doula Trainings International, and the Birth Doula Scholarship Program by Cornerstone Doula Trainings.

Postpartum Doula Scholarships

Postpartum doula scholarships are designed to assist individuals interested in becoming postpartum doulas. These scholarships may cover the cost of postpartum doula training programs, which focus on providing physical, emotional, and informational support to families during the postpartum period. While specific scholarships for postpartum doulas may be less common, it’s worth researching doula organizations and training programs to explore potential scholarship opportunities.

Doula scholarship and grants
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Nonprofit Organizations

Some nonprofit organizations dedicated to maternal and infant health may offer scholarships or grants for doula training. Examples include the National Black Doula Association (NBDA), which has provided scholarships to aspiring doulas of color, and the Ancient Song Doula Services, which offers scholarships to individuals in underserved communities.

Local Resources

In addition to national or international organizations, it’s worth looking into local resources such as community organizations, women’s health centers, or birth-related nonprofits in your area. These organizations may offer scholarships or grants to support individuals interested in becoming doulas, particularly if they have a focus on serving specific communities or populations.

To find current doula scholarships and grants, I recommend conducting online searches, reaching out to doula training organizations, contacting local birth-related organizations, and connecting with doula communities on social media platforms. Stay up-to-date with doula associations, attend conferences, and be active in doula networks, as these can also provide valuable information about available scholarships and grants.

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