Plumber Apprentice Job Role With Visa Sponsorship In Canada

Plumber Apprentice Job Role With Visa Sponsorship In Canada

Plumber Apprentice Job Role With Visa Sponsorship In Canada A leading plumbing and mechanical contracting firm in Canada, Lancian Plumbing specializes in offering top-notch plumbing services to residential, business, and industrial clients. In the plumbing sector, we have established a solid name as reliable partners thanks to our dedication to quality work and client satisfaction.


We are now looking for committed and driven Apprentice plumbers to become a valuable member of our team and start a fulfilling career in the plumbing industry.

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Plumber Apprentice Job Role With Visa Sponsorship In Canada

Job Description:

To join our plumbing teams in Canada, Lancian Plumbing is currently hiring apprentice plumbers. As an apprentice plumber, you will be crucial in helping more seasoned plumbers with a range of jobs pertaining to plumbing system installation, upkeep, and repair. This job provides excellent practical experience as well as the chance to learn and advance in the plumbing industry.

Job Specifics:

Title: Plumber Apprentice Job Role With Visa Sponsorship In Canada

Business: Lanciano Plumbing

Position Held: Apprentice Plumber


Types of Jobs: Full-Time and Part-Time

Education: Secondary, Diploma, Bachelor

Gender: Both men and women


Experience Requirement: Minimum of one to three years

Compensation: Hourly: $17.00 to $25.00 (to be negotiated) / 40 hours weekly

Location: Woodbridge, Ontario, 4000 Steeles Avenue West, ONL4L 4V9, Canada

Principal Duty

  • Support and Education: Help certified plumbers carry out plumbing duties, such as system installation, maintenance, and repair.
  • Tools and Equipment: Acquaint yourself with the tools and equipment used in plumbing and learn how to use them properly.
  • Pipe Installation: Help install appliances, fixtures, and pipelines while making sure they adhere to plumbing regulations and codes.
  • Repairs: Assist in locating and fixing blockages, leaks, and other plumbing problems in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.
  • Safety: To guarantee a secure workplace and reduce accidents, abide by safety regulations and procedures.
  • Documentation: Keep thorough records of all work done, including the materials used and the amount of time spent on each activity.
  • Education and Training: Expand your plumbing knowledge and abilities by taking part in apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs.
  • Customer service: Respond to inquiries and issues from customers in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Compliance: Follow industry best practices, plumbing codes, and regulations.


  • Participated in or are prepared to participate in a plumbing apprenticeship program.
  • It helps to have a basic understanding of plumbing concepts and equipment.
  • capacity for physically demanding tasks and physical fitness.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and meticulousness.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and collaborative abilities.
  • A readiness to pick up knowledge and follow guidance from seasoned plumbers.
  • A valid driver’s license as well as access to dependable transit.

Information on Work Permits and Visas

In order to grow our plumbing teams in Canada, Lancian Plumbing is committed to luring in committed apprentice plumbers from all around the world. For eligible candidates who need permission to work in Canada, we sponsor work permits and visas. Our knowledgeable immigration assistance staff will assist you with the application process and make sure your move to Canada for work is seamless.



In conclusion, for those looking for a fulfilling career in the plumbing sector, the possibility of a Plumber Apprentice employment role with visa sponsorship in Canada offers a special and promising chance. A dearth of trained tradespeople and Canada’s strong and expanding economy have led to a demand for competent professionals ready to lend their skills to the nation’s infrastructure development.

In summary, the Plumber Apprentice position in Canada with visa sponsorship is essentially a doorway to a rewarding career that combines professional development, cultural enrichment, and the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing sector. People who take advantage of this chance not only help themselves succeed personally but also advance the plumbing industry in Canada as a whole.


1. Can international candidates apply for apprentice plumber positions at Lancian Plumbing in Canada?

Yes, international candidates who are enrolled in a plumbing apprenticeship program or willing to enroll are encouraged to apply for apprentice plumber positions at Lancian Plumbing. We offer visa and work permit sponsorship for qualified candidates.

2. What type of visa or work permit is required to work as an apprentice plumber in Canada?

Apprentice plumbers typically require a work permit to work legally in Canada. The specific type of work permit may vary based on the job and individual circumstances.

3. How do I apply for a work permit as an apprentice plumber in Canada?

To apply for a work permit, you’ll generally need a job offer from a Canadian employer, such as Lancian Plumbing. In some cases, the employer may need to obtain a labor market impact assessment (LMIA).

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