CCMS Jobs in United Kingdom

CCMS Jobs in United Kingdom, (Client and Cost Management System) is a case management system used in the legal sector in England and Wales. It is primarily utilized by Legal Aid providers to manage their cases and billing processes. CCMS jobs in the United Kingdom are typically related to legal aid work and involve using the CCMS software.

Here are some examples of CCMS-related job roles in the UK

Legal Aid Caseworker

Caseworkers manage legal aid cases using the CCMS platform. They handle client applications, assist with case documentation, and ensure compliance with Legal Aid Agency (LAA) requirements.

Legal Aid Administrator

Administrators provide administrative support to legal aid firms, assisting with case management, maintaining records in the CCMS system, and liaising with clients and relevant authorities.

Legal Aid Supervisor

Supervisors oversee legal aid caseworkers and ensure proper utilization of the CCMS system. They provide guidance on complex cases, monitor compliance, and offer training and support to staff members.

CCMS jobs in uk
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Legal Aid Billing Officer

Billing officers use CCMS to manage legal aid billing processes. They ensure accurate invoicing, track expenses, reconcile accounts, and liaise with the LAA regarding billing matters.

Legal Aid Finance Manager

Finance managers oversee financial operations in legal aid firms, including budgeting, financial reporting, and management of CCMS-related financial processes such as billing and client cost assessment.

Legal Aid Quality Assurance Officer

Quality assurance officers monitor and evaluate the quality of legal aid services provided by organizations using CCMS. They conduct audits, assess compliance, and ensure adherence to LAA standards.

When searching for CCMS jobs in the United Kingdom, consider exploring legal aid firms, solicitor practices specializing in legal aid work, or organizations that provide support services to legal aid providers. Online job portals, legal industry websites, and professional networks can be useful resources for finding CCMS-related job opportunities. Additionally, it may be beneficial to have knowledge of legal aid regulations and experience working with the CCMS system or similar case management software.


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